espinosa solo exhibition

"As a mestizo Ecuadorian, ethnic and cultural identity has meant that I am disconnected from both of my major ethnic backgrounds, my link to a particular Indigenous nation was intentionally severed generations ago and my link to my Iberian ancestry became a syncretic cultural identity that is uniquely Ecuadorian, an amalgamation." espinosa explores "the sacred and the mundane" && gravitates towards “glitch, AI, and psychedelia”. As an artist espinosa values “weirdness, the unexpected, the unseen, the strange” which we believe is a perfect way to say Glitch Art! This exhibition of espinosa’s is the inaugural solo show for the Glitch Art Gallery Media Room, a blackbox Media Art environment. Artworks displayed in this exhibition include the follow NFTs, available on the Tezos blockchain via the objkt marketplace/platform:

more than mere matter, moving mysteries in maths and music
latent space dreams of mechanical meaning-diagrams and visual dissertations // midjourney v4 // prompts and selection by espinosa" (CC0 artwork horizontally flipped, wit txt corrected)

what awaits us around the corner?
que nos espera a la vuelta de la esquina?
AI/ML generated image
a work of cultural alchemy / visions of Ecuador pulled from the latent space"

the buildings climb up the mountain to get closer to the warm light
los edificios suben por la montaña para acercarse a la luz calida"

te llevaste el oro pero no el tesoro que espera al cruzar la puerta solar
you took the gold but not the treasure that awaits when you cross the solar door"

pueden demoler y hasta querer borrar pero todo queda grabado en la memoria eterna
they may want to demolish and even delete but everything is recorded in the eternal memory"

que frio hace de mañana
it's so cold in the morning"

esta haciendo frio, mas de lo normal, pero igual vamos a el quinche a visitarla
its cold, more than usual, but we still go to el quinche to visit her"

donde nuestras verdaderas mamas y taitas son las montañas
where our true mothers and fathers are the mountains"

la intuicion de construir sus casas alto en las cordilleras para ver mejor las estrellas
the intuition to build their homes high in the mountains to see the stars better"

mejor bajar por guapulo porque se abrió un hueco gigante en el trébol
better to come down through guapulo because a giant sinkhole appeared at el trebol"

recibe los primeros rayos del sol con sus manos en la tierra ☀️
she welcomes the first rays of sunlight with her hands in the soil ☀️"

casas que se amplían verticalmente en las quebradas más empinadas e inesperadas ⛰
houses that expand vertically in the steepest and most unexpected ⛰"

prendas cuyos hilos son la propia historia de la tierra ✨
garments whose threads are the history of earth itself ✨"



Artworks collected && curated by jonCates
Musics: making dreams to meaning, we compute glitches - jonCates (2023), containing sonificiation of espinosa's artworks utilizing Photosounder.
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