The Glitch Art Gallery, founded by jonCates, openning SUMMERRORs 2022 online && in 台北,台灣 (Taipei, Taiwan)

EXHIBITION NOW OPEN! Kiss by vespertino! ~The first room of the Glitch Art Gallery opens with a solo exhibition of Kiss by vespertino! We ♥ this work! Kiss expresses how we feel about Glitch Art and the communities who love Glitch Art, especially those now on the Tezos blockchain and objkt, the largest NFT marketplace on Tezos.

"many famous kisses exist in art. this sentence alone calls them to your hearts && minds. of all of those kisses, i am particularly drawn to this Kiss. Buenos Aires based, Argentinean Digital artist Vespertino minted Kiss on June 16th for tezosartweek and i collected this NFT quickly, knowing that Kiss would be a perfect way to open && introduce the Glitch Art Gallery to yawl
Glitch can be disguise (to hide) as well as to reveal. Glitch can simultaneously be surface (skin) and substrata (underlying structures). we glitch from outside in and/or inside out. Vespertino activates our imagination of muscle and bone wit Kiss’ color palette. the couple kissing is coming together and simultaneously splitting (themselves and/or each other) apart. shards and fragments break off from them, their vectors torn a bit, mayhaps from their own intensities, the impact that their kiss makes. glitch intimacy && attraction, the point at which we meet: Kiss by vespertino!" - jonCates

~🚧 正在施工 🚧 ~ more rooms coming soon to: the Glitch Art Gallery!

➝ The Glitch Art Gallery, drawn from founder jonCates' collection, shares decades of Digital Art from oldSchool New Media to current NFTs.

The Glitch Art Gallery founded by jonCates
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