The Glitch Art Gallery, founded by jonCates, openning SUMMERRORs 2022 online && in 台北,台灣 (Taipei, Taiwan)

🖼️ we installed a new window to exhibit Window Still Life 100 .gif by jjjjjohn (john karel) at the Glitch Art Gallery! Window Still Life 100, ed of 2500 - jjjjjohn (minted on Dec 26, 2021)

🏠 EXHIBITION ROOM 1: Kiss by vespertino

~🚧 正在施工 🚧 ~ more rooms coming soon to: the Glitch Art Gallery, online && in 台北,台灣 (Taipei, Taiwan)!

➝ The Glitch Art Gallery, drawn from founder jonCates' collection, shares decades of Digital Art from oldSchool New Media to current NFTs.

The Glitch Art Gallery founded by jonCates
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