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¡¡¡wondermundo is wonderful!!!

(yawl know we had to start this txt wit this sentence ;)

1rst generation Mexican-American artist wondermundo speaks honestly && directly about making art as an autobiographical process through which she addresses challenges, traumas, amnesia, and dissociative disorder. as she says, she communicates through her art, an art of AI, glitch / Glitch Art, trash / TRASH ART, and Mexican / Mexican-American influences. her journey takes her through all of these experiences and draws us into her versions of her own and now classic stories including the tales told to Alice Liddell by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who called himself Lewis Carroll. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland becomes wondermundo’s “alice, acid, & glitches” and “alice in trashland 🐇🍄🗑️” as she transforms them into her own.

to recode, claim, and contextualize her own adventures, wondermundo utilizes AI and glitch to move us deeper. she opens portals into her worlds, through aesthetics and surfaces, into formative affects and nonlinear narratives. while glitch / Glitch Art may only be a part of what wondermundo does, she is exactly what Glitch Art needs. her voice shapes a Glitch Art of compelling depth. her art expresses her process of becoming her true self (as she says of her work and her goals as an artist).

she shares her sincere stories of art and healing, intertwining all of these becomings across blockchains and platforms. we travel together with her because she opens the door and brings us together here, in her wondermundoland. here we find her work speaking authentically for itself. in “the journey continues” she writes: “Alice decides to explore the layers deep inside of her and lands in her innermost world. It's full of color and wonder, she's ready to see more.” && so are we, wondermundo! thankYou for bringing us here together, to join you on your journey.

- jonCates (2022.10.26)

the Glitch Art Gallery solo exhibition of wondermundo’s work includes the following art works from jonCates’ collection:

AI TRASH ART luchador “wonder artifact: recuerdos” protects the entry to the exhibition

“the 2d portal: After Alice's breakthrough she finds herself in a whole new realm. The last thing Alice remembers is opening a door near the end of the top of the tower before waking up in this realm. Things are full of color, she's young, she's free. She wonders if she can stay here forever…”

"the tea portal: After drinking tea with the rabbit, Alice was whisked away to another portal opening. She's unsure if she should continue, she didn't ask for this portal to open but she's not sure she can resist. She begins to walk towards it..."

“basura de lucha”

"alice loses herself: As Alice stands up to look around the space between, she looks in the mirror and sees her face is that of a rabbit. Has she blended with the rabbit? Or has she been the rabbit all along? She can't tell where she begins and where the rabbit starts. All she knows is she needs to continue the journey."

"alice in trashland #80"

"basurita #24"

"the layers go deep: Alice begins to create separation from her and the rabbit, she begins to float deeper into layers of herself she has never traversed before. She ponders whether she should continue..."

"the journey continues: Alice decides to explore the layers deep inside of her and lands in her innermost world. It's full of color and wonder, she's ready to see more."

&& "A self portrait from the wondermundo inner world. She’s flawed, but she doesn’t hide anymore. She finally sees the beauty in her that others told her was always there."

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