Jane Veeder : Montana, 1982 from (art)n on Vimeo.

"My personal creative work in digital computer graphics started, fairly predictably, with a transla- tion of the video work I had done previously as the “subjects” of my exploration into programmed animation. Montana, done in 1982, was a repro- cessing of my western video imagery—running bison, mountains, Chicago skyscrapers, and my trusty black-and-white video camera—into a digital, procedural realm. In those early years in computer animation, even watching a drawing draw itself was fascinating!"

Courtesy of Jane Veeder. Featured in 'New Media Futures: The Rise of Women in the Digital Arts'.

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Montana - Jane Veeder (1982)

DIGITAL ART EXHIBITION, GLITCH ART GALLERY with 24 international Digital Artists at 藝術宮 Artgong,  台北,台灣 Taipei, Taiwan on January 28th 2024 featuring Digital Art by 蘇盈如 Sue Su Su, 鄭姵廷 Pei-ting Cheng, 許曉薇 Crystal Hee, 莊約翰 CHUANG John, 張舫涵 toastfang, 鄭佳鳳 Gahon C., Eva.Z!, Tai Mei (台妹), Dina Chang, Cyber Shakti, Wondermundo, Ras Alhague, guruguruhyena, MAX CAPACITY, Estelle Flores, Somfay, Nicolas Sassoon, Rick Silva, jonCates, Jane Veeder, Phil Morton, Jamie Faye Fenton with Raul Zaritsky and Dick Ainsworth
DIGITAL ART EXHIBITION ★ 藝術宮 Artgong ★ Glitch Art Gallery ★ online

24 international Digital Artists
featuring Digital Art by:

蘇盈如 Sue Su Su
鄭姵廷 Pei-ting Cheng
許曉薇 Crystal Hee
莊約翰 CHUANG John
張舫涵 toastfang
鄭佳鳳 Gahon C.
Tai Mei (台妹)
Dina Chang
Cyber Shakti
Ras Alhague
Estelle Flores
Nicolas Sassoon
Rick Silva
Jane Veeder
Phil Morton
Jamie Faye Fenton with Raul Zaritsky and Dick Ainsworth

∞ 2024.01.28 ∞ January 28th 2024 ∞
2 PM Digital Art discussions w/ Taipei-based artists + curator
25號4 樓 5 樓 Zhengzhou Rd, Datong District, Taipei, Taiwan

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The Glitch Art Gallery founded by jonCates online && in 台北,台灣 (Taipei, Taiwan). Exhibitions drawn from founder jonCates' collection, sharing decades of Digital Art from ancient analog Glitch Art to the most current NFTs.